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 About Tinto

Throughout Latin America, the word "tinto" means red wine. In Colombia, however, "tinto" is slang for a cup of coffee. This country, the birthplace of Tinto's owners, participates in the diverse cultural exchanges of Latin America. Colombia offers a rich social and cultural tapestry to the world: Nobel prize-winning literature, outstanding coffee, world-renowned painting, a small but active aboriginal population, and communities of African and European descendants, all thriving to negotiate a citizenship nurtured by diversity.
Diversity is very much what defines Toronto as well, and we want to share this with you. Our menu offers a taste of Latin America throughout: Our coffee beans come from Latin America and we use ingredients that remind us of the region's culinary tastes.
We have chosen our suppliers with care. We could have been supplied by big corporate businessess whose products are cheaper. Instead, our suppliers provide us with ingredients that are Fair Trade certified, chemical - and hormone-free, organic and local. This means that every time you drink and eat with us, you are making an ethical choice. You support local producers; you want rural communities to be able to make a living from the crops that feed you; and you send a message about the contents and quality of your food. Foods certified by Fair Trade organizations or by certifiers of organic products are coming to your table. This system works. It strengthens communities across rural areas in the South. You are making it possible for local suppliers to engage in alternative trade systems. Their care for the land and its creatures, and how close they are to us, makes environmental and social sense.
We want to share a sense of things Latin American, its cultural output included. And we think that this diverse and complex population of Canada and Canadians, or at least Toronto and Torontonians, is the place to do it, and the people to do it with.


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